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The difference between those who change the world and those who don’t is a moment in their lives where they hit upon an epiphany. That there is a better version of themselves waiting to be unleashed. Once that realization dawns upon them, nothing can stop them

Simerjeet Singh

Simerjeet Singh is an Indian motivational speaker and performance coach who started his career in the hospitality industry. Drawing from his corporate success, he embarked on a journey of self discovery and learnt the importance of inner drive. He now devotes his life to empowering people from all walks of life.

Diaa Allam

Diaa Allam is an Egyptian calligraphy artist based in Dubai. As an architect and urban planner, Allam takes inspiration from these fields and incorporates them into the world of fine art. Graphic design and calligraphy are his forte, having had multiple showcases across the region.

Katie Pattison-Hart

Katie is a British national based in Dubai. In 2011, in the thick of her corporate career, Katie decided to take a break and join the Row For Freedom team to raise awareness for a cause that opened her eyes to a new reality - ending Human Trafficking. In 2012 Katie and four other women rowed across the world’s second largest Ocean covering 5,000 km from the Canary Islands to Barbados, making them the fastest female crew to row across the Atlantic.

Reem Al Marzouqi

In 2013, Reem, as a young Emirati student of engineering developed the first car designed to be driven without using hands or arms - making her the first Emirati to receive a US patent. Motivated to finding solutions that would help society, Reem is an inspiration to young women in the region to make their mark in what is typically looked at as a male-dominated industry.

We are looking for inspiring individuals who have experienced a Better Starts Now moment that changed the trajectory of their lives towards finding their true purpose.